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Dertogada (An Ethiopian Best Seller Novel) -compare every offer

9789994484317 - Yismake Worku, Translator: Zelalem Nigussie: Dertogada (An Ethiopian Best Seller Novel)
Yismake Worku, Translator: Zelalem Nigussie (?):

Dertogada (An Ethiopian Best Seller Novel) (2012) (?)

ISBN: 9789994484317 (?) or 9994484311, in english, 358 pages, Paperback, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian, Mereb Mart
In this sophisticated age of space exploration, Yismake Worku presented with a prime novel, adequately capable of deserving the eyes of all readers. Written with a flawless literature coupled with a magnanimous storytelling, it has a particular style that is unique only to the author. Chapter after chapter Dertogada takes you on a voyage overflowing with suspense. It does not stick to a single theme; rather it is a sum of many complicated stories. Action and breathtaking speed follows along, as we turn each page. It manifests all the characteristics of a science fiction, a romantic, an underground action, and a historical novel. In this sense, the novel has shown us intricate events with such interconnectedness as we have never realized before. It is a magnificent novel, which successfully bonded the past with the future. Aha! About this last point, here lies only one of the ideas, the book included. It is about the battle between achieving material or intellectual wealth. Moreover, it is a book about nationalism... about who will give away... what or who, for the sake of one's own advantages? And who shall fight, 'Until the last drop of blood,' for the sake of his/her identity? And etc... The rest is left for the reader to contemplate... paperback, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2012, Verkaufsrang: 892254
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Keywords: Books, Literature & Fiction, Contemporary
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ISBN (alternative notations): 99944-843-1-1, 978-99944-843-1-7
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