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9781910002742 - Kiran Millwood Hargrave: The Girl of Ink & Stars
Kiran Millwood Hargrave (?):

The Girl of Ink & Stars (2017) (?)

ISBN: 9781910002742 (?) or 1910002747, in english, Chicken House Ltd, Paperback, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Waterstones Children's Book of the Month for April (2017) Winner of the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2017 Isabella Riosse is the daughter of a cartographer who lives on the island of Joya; an isle both steeped in mythology and shrouded in mystery. For the last thirty years, a strict Governor has forbidden the island inhabitants from venturing beyond their small township. Isabella is fascinated with the ancient myths of Joya, which is said to have once floated freely over the seas. Preoccupied with ideas of exploration and inspired by the far-flung places her father once documented, she yearns for adventure. When her best friend Lupe runs away, disappearing into the forbidden forest, Isabella volunteers to bring her back. With only her knowledge of ancient myths and one of her father’s maps to guide her, Isabella ventures into the perilous world beyond, where monsters lurk and magical rivers run. Expertly crafted with a loveable lead, this modern tale weaves myth, magic and even a thread of political intrigue into its expansive fantasy world. Beautifully presented, the book not only contains a wonderfully detailed map of the island, each page is also decorated with charming drawings in the margins. Kiran Millwood Hargrave is an award-winning poet and novelist who lives in Oxford. A Cambridge University graduate, she performed plays with the Footlights and has performed her poetry in venues across the world. She was only twenty six years old at the time her debut, The Girl of Ink & Stars, was published. 
9781910002742 - The Girl of Ink & Stars

The Girl of Ink & Stars (?)

ISBN: 9781910002742 (?) or 1910002747, in english, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Forbidden to leave her island, Isabella dreams of the faraway lands her cartographer father once mapped. When her friend disappears, she volunteers to guide the search. The world beyond the walls is a monster-filled wasteland - and beneath the dry rivers and smoking mountains, a fire demon is stirring from its sleep. Soon, following her map, her heart and an ancient myth, Isabella discovers the true end of her journey: to save the island itself.
9781910002742 - Girl of Ink & Stars

Girl of Ink & Stars (?)

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ISBN: 9781910002742 (?) or 1910002747, in english, The Chicken House, Paperback, New

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9781910002742 - The Girl Of Ink & Stars

The Girl Of Ink & Stars (?)

ISBN: 9781910002742 (?) or 1910002747, in english, Bertram Books, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Forbidden To Leave Her Island Isabella Dreams Of The Faraway Lands Her Cartographer Father Once Map
9781910002742 - The Girl of Ink and Stars

The Girl of Ink and Stars (?)

ISBN: 9781910002742 (?) or 1910002747, in english, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Dreaming of a voyage into the fantasy wilds – rivers, mountains, monsters and demons? This book is your map. Enjoy.