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The Rainbow's End: Nurse Hal Among The Amish -compare every offer

9781535205566 - Fay Risner: The Rainbow's End: Nurse Hal Among The Amish
Fay Risner (?):

The Rainbow's End: Nurse Hal Among The Amish (?)

ISBN: 9781535205566 (?) or 1535205563, in english, CreateSpace Publishing, Paperback, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
The-Rainbows-End-Nurse-Hal-Among-The-Amish~~Fay-Risner, The Rainbow's End: Nurse Hal Among The Amish, paperback
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Seller order number: 9781535205566
Platform order number bn-9781535205566
Category: Religion/Inspiration>Amish Fiction>Amish Fiction
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ISBN (alternative notations): 1-5352-0556-3, 978-1-5352-0556-6
9781535205566 - Fay Risner: The Rainbow's End
Fay Risner (?):

The Rainbow's End (?)

ISBN: 9781535205566 (?) or 1535205563, in english, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Fay Risner in Book two of her Nurse Hal Amish series links the modern world to the timeless Amish way of life when Nurse Hallie Lindstrom falls in love with Amish widower John Lapp. This is a fascinating look at two differing cultures set in an intricate and richly detailed tapestry of a traditional Amish setting in southern Iowa. The Amish simple way of life based on faith, convictions and honesty is entwined in this love story between an English woman and an Amish man. Hallie Lindstrom, Home Health Nurse, has copper red hair, a fondness for jeans and owns a copper sedan which inhibits the Amish community's acceptance of her. Struggling with her decision to convert to Amish, Hallie realizes if she is allowed to marry John Lapp the worldly possessions she values have to go. Amish widower, John Lapp's patience with Hallie wears thin when she stays upset over his helping a pretty Amish widow, Roseanna Miller, on her farm. John points out Hal's total shunning of English ways and complete obedience to him is the only way he'll marry her. He fears his love for her isn't enough to keep her in the Amish faith if she can't go along with his ways. Stella Strutt, opinionated Old Order Amish, is determined to get rid of Hallie by turning the community against her. Hallie has to decide if she is strong enough to give up her way of life to be forever Amish, make a life in the community by running a medical clinic on the Lapp farm and put up with Stella Strutt bad mouthing her and the clinic for eternity.
Seller order number: 9781535205566
Platform order number 9781535205566
Data from 04/13/2017 01:11h
ISBN (alternative notations): 1-5352-0556-3, 978-1-5352-0556-6
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